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Outtakes from a Cheese Shoot


Just finished up the images for the product catalog for Cellars at Jasper Hill. Which coincided with the Vermont cheese article I shot for the Spring 2015 IMAGE Magazine featuring them along with two other cheese makers; Twig Farm and Lazy Lady.

9 hours of straight cheesin’. Huge thanks to Molly Browne (@theunsinkablemkb) for the recommendation, food styling, and social media shoutouts; Zoe Brickley for creative direction and discerning eye; and the entire Jasper team for being such good sports.

Here are a few of the “out-takes”. You can see the full article on page 51 of the online issue.


A bulliten board of blue ribbons, awards include Bayley Hazen Blue which won best unpasteurized cheese at the 2014 World Cheese Awards in London and Winnimere won Best in Show at the American Cheese Society Conference of 2013 in Wisconsin.

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Candy for Photographers: Jazz Night at Carpenter & Main



Whenever I am grinding away at my assignments at break-neck speed, I start to crave a little more fun and surprise in what are otherwise pretty straightforward shoots… I rack my brain of all the random trivia that could possibly spark some intrigue until I feel I have lost that wide-eyed curiosity that made me pursue this stuff as a career.

Amid my self-flagellation, a lead will glimmer in a passing comment, an invitation, a Google search. Then there I am in the low-lit heart of the crowd clicking away as the three-piece jazz band plays straight Gershwin asking myself; why hadn’t I thought to take my photographer-self out on a night like this before?

Jazz is one of those vibrant, synesthetic arts that is such a treat to shoot. Bold, expressive musicians and dynamic arrangements of shapes all illuminated with dramatic slashes of light; it’s like candy for photographers. An absolute delight to shoot (and to listen)! Huge thank you to the talented saxophonist Stephon Alexander, cellist Peter Consiglio, pianist Billy Regan for stage-side access and such a wonderful show. Special thanks also to mixologist Max Overstrom-Coleman and Carpenter’s Chef/ Owner Bruce MacLeod for all the support and enthusiasm (and for keeping me well lubricated…)

Check out some of my favorite shots of the night below. For information on upcoming jazz nights at Carpenter & Main follow their Facebook page here.

How do you refresh your creative self?